Moving Sounds in Titignano Castle

Moving Sounds will perform at the Festival „Science and Non-Duality“ at the Titignano Castle in Italy.


Music which directs you to the inner self, which invites you to become still.

Musica Sacra – this beautifully describes the intuitively played music of Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen. Before the concert the musicians endeavor to empty themselves of the worries and concerns of the world and thus make themselves receptive for the sounds that wish to be born of the moment.

The intimacy of Musica Sacra makes the listeners feel that through their presence they also contribute to its creation.
Nothing is created at random, but rather depth, space, purity evolve.

One can sense a longing in the music, a calling and cheering, speaking, shouting,
until the sounds unite in stillness.

Samstag, 12. August 2017

21.00 - 22.00 Uhr

Titignano Castle

Orvieto Terni, Italy

Tara Bouman – clarinet, bass clarinet
Markus Stockhausen – trumpet, flugel

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